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When you think of some of the oldest known buildings, completely or partially standing you'll recall that the most structures have marble columns present, whether functional or cosmetic. Marble columns or pillars add Herculean proportion to any interior or exterior design.

Uses: Entries (interior or exterior), doorways, around swimming pools, sitting areas, wet bars, entertainment centers, libraries, etc.
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SME3112 H:47" 60" SME3128 H:40" 47" SME3113 H:40" 47" 52"
SME3115 H:40" 47" SME3116 H:40" 47" SME3024 H:63" 71" 78"
SME3114 H:63" 71" 78" SME3118 H:40" 47" SME3130 H:40" 47"