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Animal Figures

Majestic and everlasting! Wildlife figures for your indoor or outdoor enjoyment. Displayed in your front entry, flower garden, hardscape, or fireplace mantle. A solid marble animal figure will endure for ages. We can produce a wonderful figure of your favorite pet or animal with your choice of color marble.

Uses: Front entries, driveways, front gates, mantles, gardens, private zoos, around ponds, etc.
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SME5102 H:67" SME5103 H:67" SME5104 H:67" SME5600 H:50"
SME5506 H:23" SME5601 H:40" 60" 70" SME5504 H:25"
SME5606 H:63" SME5607 L:60" SME5608 H:60"